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Frequently Asked Questions


What Is Daily Money Management?

Daily Money Management is a rapidly evolving field which has grown from both financial and social service roots. Daily money managers (DMMs) provide personal, business and social support assistance to clients who have difficulty managing their personal monetary affairs. The services meet a continuum of needs, from organizing and keeping track of financial and medical insurance papers to assisting with check writing and maintaining bank accounts. Social support services include a variety of related assistance areas such as arranging for in-home care and medical appointments and providing information regarding community resources available to meet other needs.

Do I need a Daily Money Manager?

If you or a loved one are having difficulty paying your bills, balancing your checkbook, making payments and money transfers on time, reading your medical bills and explanation of benefits, keeping track of your budget, organizing your tax documents, organizing your healthchare documents or with any other aspect of your day to day financial obligations, you may benefit from a Daily Money Manager.

What are the mechanics?

An initial consultation at your home will help us together assess your needs. Thereafter, services will be provided in your home on a mutually determined schedule - anywhere from weekly to bi-weekly to monthly, or otherwise as needed. Only utilize - and pay for - what you need.

Is there industry oversight?

The American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM) is a national membership organization comprised of individuals and businesses who provide daily money management services directly to their own clients. The organization's mission is to support daily money management services in an ethical manner, to provide information and education to members and the public, and to develop a network of dedicated professionals. Currently there are more than 700 members of AADMM, including me. 

Will I be giving up my autonony?

Just the opposite. The assistance of a Daily Money Manager provides peace of mind to you and your family. Working with me enables you to maintain independence while having a resource to depend on. You maintain control but don't have to do everything on your own.