Pay It Safe

Let Me Help You...


Pay bills, reconcile bank statements, review financial statements

Pay bills by check, set up online banking, deposit checks, review and reconcile bank statements, review investment statements, credit card bills, medical bills and other bills. Negotiate and advocate on your behalf with legal and tax professionals, creditors and other service providers. Clients include seniors, busy professionals, women in transition and millennials.

Review, organize and aggregate financial, legal and tax documents

Create both digital and paper files; track and aggregate financial and tax documents, pay estimated tax when necessary; review legal documents such as Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy, Advance Directive, Living Will and others. Systematize and track emails and passwords; reduce clutter and unwanted solicitations.

Create and/or professionalize financial spreadsheets; utilize aggregation software

Create financial spreadsheets from scratch or existing financial statements; summarize, aggregate and highlight financial metrics into effective presentation materials. Help you choose and implement aggregation software to track and manage your net worth.

Understand and manage your budget

Review all cash streams coming in - salary, Social Security, Pensions, IRA Required Minimum Distributions, maintenance and other income streams - and review and track expenses. Transfer money between accounts when needed. Create and update spreadsheet to better understand and predict cash flow. Help new grads organize their financial obligations - online bill paying, budgeting, saving, banking, debt management, etc.

Help recent grads and millenials get financially fit

There is so much to know when starting out in a new phase of life or a new career. I can help you navigate setting up your banking, bill paying, budgeting, tax withholding and 401(k) decisions, credit card and insurance needs and more.

Maintain your independence

My services range from providing an extra pair of eyes to oversight of your actions to fully executing all of your financial needs. You decide what's right for you. I can make referrals to accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, care managers and more. The list above covers much of what I do but is not comprehensive. If there's a need you have, just ask.