Pay It Safe

Testimonials from satisfied clients and families


Sheila H, client

Andrea was a great help to me in getting a handle on my budget and spending. She is not only knowledgeable about money management apps and budgeting spreadsheets, but she also has a deep understanding of people’s specific habits and knows how to help people help themselves get and stay on track.  I consider anyone who works with her very lucky.

Martha G, daughter of client

Andrea has been a blessing. My mother is very independent, not comfortable asking for help. But she lets Andrea take care of all her bill payments and financial document management, and tells us what a great job she does. It has totally put our minds at ease knowing our mother is so well taken care of.

Joel B, client

I had a credit card used fraudulently and was getting nowhere with my credit card company. Andrea came in, reviewed my bills, called the credit card company with me, stayed on them for several billing cycles and got the whole thing taken care of. She was a huge help!